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Tree Services

  1. Tree Trimming
  2. Large Tree Removal
  3. Small Tree Removal
  4. Stump Grinding
  5. Deep Root Fertilization
  6. Artistic Shaping
  7. Crown Reduction
  8. Planting
  9. Spraying
  10. Tree Staking
  11. Feeding
  12. And MORE…
Tree Care Services in Phoenix Arizona

At JP Tree Care LLC we strive to bring the very best residential & commercial tree care services to our customers. Having over 25 years in the field, owner operator John Gannis has many of the vast skills of any trained arborist. The details of tree science and tree work can be explained to you when you receive your estimate. Often people are surprised when trees they thought would need to be removed can actually be saved, or when they learn exactly what kind of trimming their trees need and why. This valuable advice is not only useful in helping you make good, balanced decisions, it’s educational, too!

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